Somi Khan talks about her Big boss Journey

Somi Khan get evicted from Big boss 12 . she entered the house in jodi with her sister Saba Khan who got evocted few weeks before her sister.

Somi kHan gets evicted from bb12

The young girl had quit her sales and marketing job in a 5-star hotel to participate in Bigg Boss 12. She was amazing in the show. Somi Khan has emerged as a strong player in this show.

While Saba got eliminated early in the game, Somi tried her level best to survive and reach the finals. Her grit and determination towards the game won her accolades. On multiple occasions, host Salman Khan lauded Somi for her fair-play in every task. The Happy Club also tried hard to save Somi from eviction.

somi khan got evicted in big boss 12

Somi Khan has good bond with Deepak Thakur , Romil Chaudhary and Surbhi Rana.

Deepak Thakur was in Love with Somi Khan which was also one of the reason that she stayed in the show for so long.

Somi on the other side  seemed heads over heels in love with her, she had her heart set on Romil Chaudhary. Time and again, Romil and Somi’s friendship was questioned but the two remained unaffected. Things changed when Romil’s wife entered the house and announced Somi as Romil’s younger sister. Interestingly, it was Deepak and Romil’s vote against Somi that led to her nomination this week.

somi khan got evocted in big boss 12

Somi Khan talks about her journey after eviction :-

You were very good friends with Deepak, Romil Chaudhary and Surbhi Rana? If you were asked to choose any one of them, who would you have picked?

We cannot choose among friends. There are friends with whom you are very close. There are some friends who are equally important for you. We had a Happy Club which has become slightly unhappy at the end of the show. But we have always supported each other. Surbhi and Romil had a brother-sister bond but a rift developed between them. In my case, I have played the game by taking care of my relationships. All are my own and I can’t choose among them.

somi khan got evicted from big boss 12

In an interview she also said , I have learnt that we must also think about ourselves and not just about others. It’s important to be a bit selfish as without that, things won’t work. I have learnt how to make my point and discuss an issue without thinking what the other person will think about me.

Now I know how to stick to my point and take a stand for myself. People from different backgrounds come to stay in the Bigg Boss house so it’s also good to know about them and let them know about us. I have experienced mental and emotional growth during my stay. I have also earned name and fame for myself. People know me now.

After eviction , It is Surbhi rana , Deepika, Sreensanth , Romil, Karanveer & Deepak who made to finale week.

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Somi Khan gets Evicted from Big Boss 12 !!

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